Mysterious "Mayoiga"
In the book "The Legends of Tono", you can find tales of Mayoiga.
I feel fabulously interested in "Mayoiga".

Those legends were heard around at this Mt. Shiromin, east side of Tatsumaru mountain pass in previous article.

A house deep in the mountain sometimes called "Mayoiga".

I posted a tale of Mayoiga in English and Japanse below.
I hope you will enjoy to read.

63.Mr. Miura of Oguni is the richest man in the village.
Two or three generations earlier, the household was poor and the master’s wife rather stupid.
One day the wife went gathering butterbur along the small stream that flowed in front of the gate.
Because there were not many good plants there, she gradually went back deeper into the valley.
All of a sudden she looked up, and there was a house with a fine black gate.
She entered the gate hesitantly.
She saw a large garden with red and white flowers blooming and many hens running about.
In the back of the garden there was a shed with many cows and a stable with many horses. There were no people anywhere.

Finally she entered the house through the main entrance.
In the adjoining room she found many red and black serving trays and bowls.
A charcoal brazier and a tea kettle, with the water boiling briskly, could be seen in the inner room. Nevertheless, there was not a trace of anyone.
Suddenly she became frightened. Thinking that this might be the home of a mountain man she ran off and returned home. もしや山男の家ではないかと急に恐ろしくなり、掛けだして家に帰りたり。
She told people about what she had seen, but no one would believe it.

Again, another day while she was washing things at the bank of the stream in front of the gate, a red bowl came floating down from up-stream.
Because it was so beautiful she lifted it out of the water.
Since she thought she would be scolded if she used this unclean bowl as tableware she put into the grain box and used it to measure rice.
As soon as she began to measure grain with this bowl, the grain never decrease in volume.
The family thought this phenomenon strange, and when they asked her the reason, she told them for the first time how she picked the bowl out of the stream.
From then on the household had good fortune and it became the Miura household of today.

In Tono a strange house in the mountain is called a mayoi-ga (a house hound when one loses his way).  
Anyone who finds a mayoi-ga is to take anything he likes from among the household objects and domestic animals.
The house is shown to the person only in order to give him fortune.

It is believe that because the woman was not greedy and did not teal anything from the house, the bowl came floating to her of its own accord.

Tale #63, from "Tono Monogatari (The Legends of Tono)".

What a mysterious and interesting tale!
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